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Colemans Event Bar

Why not add one of our Event Bar's to your Wedding/Event/Party/Festival/Horse Show/Fete/Agricultural Show etc.


You can hire one of our bar's fully stocked or if your venue doesn't allow it then just hire it dry.

Our Bar is of Rustic design why not also add one of our Leather Chesterfield Lounge Suite to add to the Bar area for your guests to relax, or you can also add from our selection of quirky prop hire's to make a great impact and scene. Please get in touch for more details we will be happy to help. Packages available when booking DJ, Bar and Fun Casino.

How it Works

Coleman's Event Bars can be customised to how you want them. We provide a service which can include Glass Hire or Plastic Glasses. We can customise our bars to look how you want them to fit in with your theme of your wedding or event wether Sleek and Modern or Rustic, Chic and Charming. Coleman's Event Bars are Fully Licensed and we can apply and sort out your temporary events license on your behalf. 
Your options for a bar are
- Cash Bar
- Pre Paid Bar
- Free Bar ( discuss with us further options )
Drinks Menus can include Lagar, Ale, Wines,Spirits, Mixers, Shots, Prosecco, Champagne, Cocktails

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